10 Best Scott Hall Quotes, Ranked

In 2022, the wrestling world lost a true legend and trailblazer in the industry, Scott Hall. In the ’90s, Hall rose to fame in WWE as Razor Ramon. The character was originally supposed to be a heel but Razor was so good and so effortlessly cool that he eventually became an insanely popular babyface.

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In 1996, Hall jumped to WCW and set off a chain of events that would change pro wrestling forever. During his legendary runs with WWE and WCW, Hall dropped a few gems on the microphone. Some were unforgettable while a few others are certainly worth revisiting.



10 “You Don’t Touch Me…And WE Don’t Touch You”


In 2002, after sitting out the rest of their WCW contracts, the nWo was finally brought into WWE. Unfortunately, except for The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan, not much good came from their WWE run. While Scott Hall vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wasn’t the dream match fans had clamored for, there was still some potential there.

Sadly, In hindsight, Hall’s battle with drugs and alcohol led him to be unprepared for such a big spot. During the build to his match with Austin though, Hall dropped a memorable line while reminding Austin of the nWo’s numbers advantage. Hall would tell Austin “You don’t touch me…and WE don’t touch you!”

9 “Survey Says…”


In WWE, as Razor Ramon, Scott Hall played a Cuban-American character exceptionally well. Hall had the accent and mannerisms down pat. His most famous catchphrase as Razor was easy “Hey Yo!”. While he still used that catchphrase in WCW, he was no longer able to play the part of Razor Ramon.

This led to Hall coming up with some new material on the mic. One of Hall’s favorite things to do in WCW was to survey the crowd on whether they were there to see WCW or the nWo. Many times during the ’90s, Hall would close out promos by saying “Survey says, one more for the bad guys!”.

8 “I Already Got Some Friends, I’d Like The Money”

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Syxx walking to the ring.

The Kliq is one of the most notorious backstage groups in wrestling history. At the height of their power, no group influenced professional wrestling more than them. The group consisted of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Sean Waltman and was motivated by money and power.

This is evident in a Scott Hall quote where he recalls something Chief Jay Strongbow told him, “In this business, you can make friends or you can make money.” Hall’s legendary response was to look over at Nash and Waltman and tell Strongbow “I already got some friends, I’d like the money.” Hall would certainly get his money in WCW and his friendship with the rest of The Kliq would last until the day he died.

7 “Do You Know, Tax Man, What A Guy Like Me Can Do To A Guy Like You?”


When Razor Ramon arrived in WWE, he did so as a heel. Eventually, though, Razor’s popularity led WWE to turn him into a babyface. As part of that transition, Razor needed established heels to work against. His first rival as a babyface was “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. After he conquered DiBiase, Razor moved on to his associate Irwin R. Schyster.

During the feud with IRS, Razor’s precious gold chains were stolen. This prompted Razor to send a warning to IRS. He would go on to tell him “Do you know, Tax Man, what a guy like me can do to a guy like you?” IRS would soon find out just how dangerous “The Bad Guy” could be.

6 “Yo, Heartbreak Kid, Sorry To Burst Your Bubble”


During the mid ’90s Razor Ramon became a perennial WWE Intercontinental Champion. Ramon would have four stints as Intercontinental Champion, a record at the time. Perhaps no reign was more iconic than his first though. Razor would win the vacant Intercontinental Championship in 1993, setting up a collision with the former champion, Shawn Michaels.

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The two would have a classic match at WrestleMania 10 where Razor would come out on top. On the way to WrestleMania though, Razor would hit a returning Michaels with a classic line. Michaels would blow a bubble gum bubble in Razor’s face which Razor would pop with his toothpick before uttering “Hey, Heartbreak Kid, sorry to burst your bubble.” The rest is history.

5 “You Lost Your Mind, Chico!”


First impressions are very important in pro wrestling. Typically, a performer will face an uphill battle if their initial feud doesn’t get them over with fans. For Razor Ramon, his introduction to WWE fans put him in rarefied air right off the bat. Razor arrived alongside “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and opposite “Macho Man” Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior.

After Ramon helped cost Savage his WWE Championship, Savage wanted a piece of “The Bad Guy.” Razor didn’t think that was smart. After Savage challenged Razor, the latter would reply by saying “You want to fight Razor Ramon? You lost your mind, Chico!” Surprisingly, a marquee feud with Razor and Savage never happened in WWE.

4 “I Not Going To Scar Your Heart. I Going To Scar Your Soul”


Many things have changed in pro wrestling compared to the ’80s and ’90s. One of those things is vignettes for debuting wrestlers. Once upon a time, before a new performer would debut, fans would get familiarized with them through vignettes promoting their impending arrival. Razor Ramon had some of the most memorable vignettes in WWE history.

Most of them were shot in the Little Havana area of Miami. In one particular vignette, Razor is shown shooting a woman away and saying “Chicas are for fun.” That wasn’t the most memorable line in the vignette though. To close the vignette, Razor warned anyone who stepped in the ring with him saying “I not going to scar your heart. Oh no. I going to scar your soul.”

3 “Say Hello To The Bad Guy”


For fans unfamiliar with classic cinema, the Razor Ramon character was a straight rip-off of Tony Montana from Scarface. Scott Hall played that character to perfection though, eventually making it his own. In the movie, the legendary Al Pacino refers to himself as “The Bad Guy” in a classic monolog.

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Razor would go on to adopt that nickname and would even borrow from Pacino’s classic monolog for one of his most famous catchphrases, “Say hello to The Bad Guy.” At this point, the quote is associated with Razor Ramon just as much, if not more, than Al Pacino and Scarface.

2 “Bad Times Don’t Last But Bad Guys Do”


Being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame is the cherry on top of a legendary career for many performers. Scott Hall was no different. For a while there though, it seemed as though the legendary performer would never enjoy the honor of being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. At least not while he was alive.

Hall would eventually win his battle with drugs and alcohol though, making his induction possible. In 2014, Hall was inducted and delivered arguably the greatest Hall of Fame induction speech ever. He culminated the speech with one of the most powerful and inspirational quotes ever said on the Hall of Fame stage. “Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don’t last…but Bad Guys do.”

1 “You Know Who I Am But You Don’t Know Why I’m Here”


In the summer of 1996, Scott Hall, who was still known to most wrestling fans as Razor Ramon, jumped the barricade on WCW Monday Nitro and changed pro wrestling forever. Hall would utter these words which would set off the Monday Night War. “You people, you know who I am but you don’t know why I’m here.”

The wrestling world would lose its collective mind over it. Had WWE sent Razor Ramon to start a war with WCW? Would more WWE wrestlers be showing up? These are questions that immediately made Nitro must-watch television. Without Hall jumping ship and those infamous words, there’s no telling what the mid and late ’90s would’ve looked like in pro wrestling.