Father’s “straight satisfaction” flag lawsuit towards Denver General public Faculties could realize success in courtroom

A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Courtroom by 1 Denver Public Colleges father alleging his two children have been denied their Very first Modification legal rights to have a “straight satisfaction” flag in college could stand a possibility in courtroom.  

“This is not a groundbreaking lawsuit. This is just a controversial lawsuit,” stated David Lane, a civil rights attorney centered in Denver.  

CBS News Colorado has been subsequent this lawsuit closely, which was 1st filed again on Nov. 10 by two Washington D.C. legal professionals, Mike Yoder and ChadLaVeglia. The lawsuit argues Nathan Feldman, a father of two youngsters attending the K-8 Slavens University in Denver, was denied being equipped to place up a cisgendered, heterosexual flag at school. He says a “straight delight” flag represents his kid’s beliefs and should really be authorized on campus in the identical way LGBTQ+ flags are authorized.

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A spokesperson for LGBTQ Colorado sent the subsequent statement in response to the lawsuit: 

A Satisfaction flag is not intended to be special – it is created to be inclusive. It is meant to attract focus and humanity to persons who traditionally have been regarded as “illegal”, ostracized, excluded, and for way too very long silent victims of discrimination and violence. 

A Straight Delight Flag speaks “us vs them” wherein a Pleasure flag lifts up an “all of us” dynamic that recognizes the as well typically silent and quieted LGBTQ+ community. 

This lawsuit has riled up a lot of discussion and worry on social media, especially amongst the Slavens University local community. Slavens’ mother and father developed a alter.org petition supporting the school’s lecturers and inclusivity and calling for Feldman to halt the lawsuit.  

“People today are underneath the mistaken perception that offensive speech or detest speech is not secured speech. The U.S. Supreme Courtroom has reported the government does not get to choose and determine what is offensive, what is not offensive,” said Lane. “If they are likely to allow for any political speech, they’re heading to have to enable all political speech of a relevant character.” 

Lane states DPS, a govt-funded faculty, is demanded to enable this expression of speech.

“As considerably as I may well disagree politically with his posture. I think To start with Modification scenario law mandates that this college both do away with LGBTQ flags and all flags of that nature or they enable him to fly whatever flag he wants,” explained Lane. “He is completely right that this is a First Modification violation. 

A district plan recognized back in January 2020,  supports the ideal of personnel to put up “rainbow flags or other indications of help for LGBTQIA+ students or workers.” 

Lane, on the other hand, argues this coverage can’t prohibit other sorts of expression beneath the To start with Modification.  

“A sensible college district will both say, no we are not advertising and marketing political beliefs relating to sexual orientation in our educational facilities,” explained Lane. “Or what’s likely to take place in this article is that if Denver loses this lawsuit, which they will, taxpayers are heading to be on the hook for shelling out attorney’s charges to these D.C. attorneys who submitted the match.” 

As of currently, a spokesperson for Denver Community Faculties says they nonetheless have not been served with the lawsuit.  

Neither Feldman nor his attorneys have responded to several requests for comment.