Faust F. Rossi, Influential Regulation Professor and Notable Authorized Scholar, Dies at 91

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Faust F. Rossi J.D. ’60, Samuel S. Leibowitz Professor of Trial Methods, Emeritus, died on Wednesday, March 6 at the age of 91. Rossi was a extensive-time member of the Cornell Regulation neighborhood and an influential member of the lawful entire world as a scholar in evidence and demo advocacy.

With a approximately 50-year tenure, Rossi is approximated to have taught additional students in the Regulation Faculty than any other professor. Rossi beforehand achieved the prestigious Roscoe Pound Jacobson Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy.

Through his profession, Rossi wrote Proof for the Trial Law firm and co-authored the Handbook of New York Evidence, a in depth guideline to guidelines and ideas of evidence inside of New York courts.