GST Day 2023: Do You Know Who is Known as the Father of GST? Origin, Significance, Quotations and Info

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Last Current: July 01, 2023, 06:45 IST

GST was proposed in India in 2000 but took over 17 years to be implemented. (Image: Shutterstock)

GST was proposed in India in 2000 but took more than 17 many years to be carried out. (Picture: Shutterstock)

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) idea was to start with proposed in India in the early 2000s to simplify the elaborate tax technique

GST Working day 2023: India commemorates Goods and Services Tax (GST) Day on July 1 to honour the successful implementation of the GST regime in the state. GST, a thorough oblique tax, revolutionised India’s taxation system by changing various sophisticated levies imposed by both the central and point out governments. With its place-dependent technique, GST simplified the tax construction, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

GST Day: History

The Products and Solutions Tax (GST) thought was initial proposed in India in the early 2000s to simplify the advanced tax program. The Kelkar Endeavor Force, a dedicated team, recommended a thorough oblique tax system as a substitute for the present composition that was impeding the economic progress of the place. Soon after conversations and negotiations, the Parliament passed the Constitution (101st Amendment) Act in August 2016, offering the central govt the energy to levy and gather GST.

To oversee the implementation, the federal government formed the GST Council, comprising Finance Ministers from both equally central and condition governments. The council held meetings to identify GST premiums, exemptions, and deal with worries. Last but not least, on July 1, 2017, GST was carried out across India, developing a unified current market for seamless trade between states.

GST DAY: Significance

GST Day is of utmost importance to India’s taxation process as it serves as a momentous event to celebrate the thriving implementation of the GST routine. GST has brought about vital changes in the Indian economic climate by simplifying the tax framework and producing a unified current market for seamless trade amongst states.

The introduction of GST has replaced multiple oblique taxes, these as excise obligation, services tax, and price-added tax (VAT), levied by the two the central and state governments. This has created the tax process simpler and far more transparent.

An additional noteworthy impression of GST is the removing of limitations to inter-state trade. GST has levelled the participating in subject for corporations, regardless of their location within just India.

GST DAY: Interesting points about GST

  1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is known as the father of GST.
  2. The model ambassador for GST is Amitabh Bachchan.
  3. France carried out the GST process initially.
  4. GST exempts specific items like new fruits, greens, and unbranded flour from taxes.
  5. GST earnings is shared between the Central and Condition governments in India.
  6. GST was proposed in India in 2000 but took about 17 yrs to be implemented.
  7. The GST procedure in India has tax slabs of %, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.
  8. GST removes the need for separate condition-degree tax registrations, easing company procedures.
  9. The Canadian GST method served as the foundation for the GST technique in India.
  10. The GST Council was founded by the-then President Pranab Mukherjee in September 2016.

GST DAY: Quotes:

  1. The consensus we arrived with states for amending the constitution to employ GST is a important breakthrough. This alone has the likely to make India aggressive and interesting for investment decision. – Narendra Modi
  2. GST will help the transfer from fragmented economic system to 1 market… it will increase investment, development. – Arvind Subramanian
  3. GST is the most important oblique tax reform India has at any time noticed. – Arun Jaitley
  4. GST is a large leap forward for our nation. – Amitabh Kant
  5. GST will simplify the tax routine for firms, generating it a lot easier for them to comply with the regulations. – Piyush Goyal
  6. GST is a a great deal needed reset button for India’s financial state. – Nandan Nilekani
  7. GST will provide transparency and accountability in the tax process. – Suresh Prabhu
  8. GST is a historic tax reform that will choose India to new heights of advancement and development. – Nitin Gadkari