What Should Be on My Credit Report After Bankruptcy?

Credit reports should show the amount of money owed by a borrower on different debts, and whether or not they are making payments.

What Should My Credit Report Say After Bankruptcy Discharge?

  • Credit reports should include information about bankruptcy, which will appear in the “public records” section.
  • The bankruptcy details should include your attorney’s name and whether or not it was dismissed.
  • If a debt was discharged through bankruptcy, it means the borrower is no longer responsible for it. However, this information will remain on the credit report for six years after the discharge.
  • Even if a debt was discharged, it should still be reflected as “current and paid” on the credit report. If the borrower doesn’t make payments, it will show as late payments.
  • Student loan repayments after bankruptcy will be illustrated below.
  • Mortgages and car loans that have collateral will only show up on a credit report if the borrower signed a reaffirmation contract during bankruptcy and the lender filed it with the court.
  • Payment history for a reaffirmed loan will not appear on a credit report if there is no reaffirmation contract.
  • Lenders may forget to update credit reporting or inform credit bureaus of the payment on the reaffirmed loan, making the process of reaffirmation confusing.

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